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Lavender Set for Relaxing Pranayama Ritual

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This organic bath products set will soothe and relax body, mind and soul using the outstanding lavender curative properties. Organically grown lavender and lavender essential oil is known to help combat mild insomnia and reduce anxiety.

🎁 SPA Set comes in an elegant packaging, ready to be gifted. Set includes:

  • 7 organic bath treats: bath bombs, soaps and skincare products
  • step-by-step guide for relaxing at-home SPA ritual

Dive into aromas and textures...

  • Ana Vallejo

    I purchased this as a gift set for a special friend. The fragrance is delightful! Very light and flowery. And she says she loved all the products.

  • Zane Grisenko

    Really nice gift!! Very delicate scent, quality products plus the packaging is adorable - natural material, incense sticks, small linen bag with lavender seeds, handwritten tags. My sister’s eyes lit up and she smiled all day. Thanks!!

  • Julia Volkova

    Saw this set in ads on Facebook and noticed “pranayama” word. Got my interest! )) Products, packaging, everything is great, but this bath + pranayama ritual is a cherry on the cake. Do this weekly and it makes me feel sooo good. Thanks for my new healthy habit!

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What is inside?

This luxury all natural 7-piece bath set contains:

* Lavender soap bar, 100gr

* Lavender souffle soap, 100ml

* Lavender body yogurt, 200ml

* Wild lavender bath bombs, 2 pcs.

* Lavender bath bombs, 2 pcs.

* Lavender seeds in a linen bag

* Lavender scented aroma sticks

Set comes with a detailed instruction for a 5-step stress-relieving ritual including Pranayama briefing exercise perfect for your at-home SPA day. The entire ritual takes 1-1.5 hours before bedtime to reduce anxiety and relax the nervous system.

  • Reduces Anxiety

    It has been known for centuries that inhalation of lavender has a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system making it a great alternative for alleviating stress, anxiety and fatigue.

  • Improves Sleep

    Multiple studies have found that inhaling lavender aroma before bedtime increased the percentage of deep sleep time - a slow wave sleep. It is an important stage in the sleep cycle that enables proper brain function and memory.

  • Treats Skin Imperfections

    Lavender essential oil is a great option for reducing acne, eczema or skin inflammation. It is also rich in antioxidants that can help heal minor wounds.

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About HomeSPA'logy

We at HomeSPA'logy are on a mission to provide you with the ultimate SPA experience in the comfort of your home. Our all natural bath bombs, soap bars and other bath products are made of organically grown herbs and handcrafted in Latvia. But these are not just bath sets, it's a philosophy of self-care. Carefully selected products are paired with a dedicated mindfulness ritual to sooth your body, mind and soul.

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