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Chamomile and Calendula Set for Detox Ritual

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Inspired by the fields and growers around us, this organic bath products set is perfect for a calming, soothing Home SPA ritual designed to help you rejuvenate and start anew.

🎁 SPA Set comes in an elegant packaging, ready to be gifted. Set includes:

  • 7 organic bath treats: bath bombs, soaps and skincare products
  • step-by-step guide for detoxing at-home SPA ritual

Enjoy the unboxing experience...

  • Ann Kowal

    I bought the set almost a month ago. Do my home spa every Sunday now and I love it. I have very sensitive skin and a lot of products just make me itchy, but these feel wonderful. I love the way my skin feels. And I know how to meditate now!

  • Fen Ariston

    I am a repeat customer of this line of products. Use it for my spa procedures I do at home. Because I like and use all the products contained in the set. Also got addictive to chamomile tea and meditation )))

  • Magdalena Pedersen

    I loved this spa basket. The scent is delicate yet it’s there. There is only 1 thing I would change - add a candle as doing the meditation ritual with a candle would be so cozy. Other than that, this basket is perfect.

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What is inside?

This luxury all natural 7-piece bath set contains:

* Chamomile soap bar, 100gr

* Chamomile souffle soap, 100ml

* Chamomile bath bombs, 2 pcs.

* Calendula bath bombs, 2 pcs.

* Chamomile bath foam, 200ml

* Chamomile tea

Set comes with a detailed instruction for a 5-step detoxing ritual perfect for your at-home SPA day. The entire ritual takes 1-1.5 hours before bedtime to rejuvenate and rebalance your body, mind and soul.

  • Smooths and Calms

    Chamomile and calendula are know as the two most soothing and healing flowers. Both are loaded with antioxidants that fight against free radicals, which damage our bodies.

  • Improves Sleep and Digestion

    Chamomile is widely known as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer. Furthermore chamomile helps balance stomach acid and absorb more nutrients from food. 

  • Promotes Skin Health

    Calendula possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that are widely used in medicine and beauty industry.

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About HomeSPA'logy

We at HomeSPA'logy are on a mission to provide you with the ultimate SPA experience in the comfort of your home. Our all natural bath bombs, soap bars and other bath products are made of organically grown herbs and handcrafted in Latvia. But these are not just bath sets, it's a philosophy of self-care. Carefully selected products are paired with a dedicated mindfulness ritual to sooth your body, mind and soul.

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