Bringing happiness through organic themed bath sets

We believe in self-care. In striking a balance in all aspects of your life. Keeping yourself healthy, sane and happy. How? By taking time out to enjoy a Home SPA ritual - the healing power of hot water, essential oils and some of the best mindfulness practices. Quality Me-Time is what we do!

Our story
  • All Natural, All Handmade

    Our products are powered by pure and precious natural ingredients born in the fields of a small European country - Latvia. We take them, uncover their potential and deliver them to you as themed bath set for your Home Spa rituals.

  • Come with Extra Value

    These are not just bath sets, it's a philosophy of self-care. Carefully selected products are paired with a dedicated mindfulness ritual to sooth your body, mind and soul.

  • Pleasant Unboxing Experience

    We love those small extra touches and know how important that aesthetic pleasure is. Start your Home Spa ritual with diving into aromas, textures and a truly delightful anticipation.

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