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Chocolate and Coffee Set for Energizing Ritual

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The set is designed to delight your senses with a palette of rich aromas of chocolate and coffee, boost your energy level and pamper your body. Besides, it is a guilt-free way of adding chocolate & coffee into your daily beauty routine to enhance wellness and put you in a great mood.

🎁 SPA Set comes in an elegant packaging, ready to be gifted. Set includes:

  • 6 organic bath treats: bath bombs, soap bars and skincare products
  • step-by-step guide for energizing at-home SPA ritual

If you could only feel the aroma...

  • Zuzanna Wojcik

    Such an awesome set! And I really enjoyed unpacking the box. Such attention to details! Lovely scent is an added bonus. Will definitely buy again!

  • Misbah Tambra

    This smells exactly like coffee and chocolate! The scent lasts a long time. Wish the shower gel came in larger bottle as I use it also as a handwash all the time. The stretching routine is also one of my favourites now in the morning. Nearly every day, even without the bath ritual.

  • Agnes Sorensen

    I had bought this as a gift to my mom, she loves the scent of coffee. Even though i hadn't opened it, I could smell coffee from the box! I This is worth the price and I, myself havent tried the it since it is my mother's but it also looks so pretty.

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What is inside?

This luxury all natural 6-piece bath set contains:

* Coffee soap bar, 100gr

* Chocolate soap bar, 100gr

* Coffee bath bombs, 2 pcs.

* Chocolate bath bombs, 2 pcs.

* Milk & Chocolate shower gel, 200ml

* Chocolate covered coffee beans

Set comes with a detailed instruction for a 5-step mild stretching ritual perfect for your at-home SPA day. The entire ritual takes 1-1.5 hours to loosen up your muscles, energize and pamper your body.

  • Boosts your Mood

    Scent not only has a major impact on our emotions but also triggers our brain and body into action. Both chocolate & coffee trigger the brain to release endorphins – hormones that help your body fight pain and stress while making you feel happy.

  • Relieves the Stress

    Inevitable daily stress manifests in your muscles as tightness. This bath ritual features a simple set of stretching exercises to help you improve blood circulation, decrease muscle stiffness. Thus you can tap into your body’s ability to release mental stress, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

  • Nourishes your Skin

    Essential oils used in the bath bombs, shower gel and bar soaps included in this set will deeply nourish your skin while also reducing signs of aging.

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About HomeSPA'logy

We at HomeSPA'logy are on a mission to provide you with the ultimate SPA experience in the comfort of your home. Our all natural bath bombs, soap bars and other bath products are made of organically grown herbs and handcrafted in Latvia. But these are not just bath sets, it's a philosophy of self-care. Carefully selected products are paired with a dedicated mindfulness ritual to sooth your body, mind and soul.

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