More than just a bath set. It's an Experience to Love.

We offer two types of SPA sets. SPA Rituals are sets of handmade organic bath products powered by pure and precious natural ingredients that come along with a matching mindfulness ritual to sooth your body, mind and soul. Small Home SPA sets are perfect to try out different products and pick your favorite aroma.

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In for a Small Bath Treat?

Collection of all HomeSPA'logy unique organic bath products put together in small sets. Try out new flavors, mix & match and find your perfect Home SPA bath treat.

  • Zane Grisenko

    Really nice gift!! Very delicate scent, quality products plus the packaging is adorable - natural material, incense sticks, small linen bag with lavender seeds, handwritten tags. My sister’s eyes lit up and she smiled all day. Thanks!!

  • Shannon Harrow

    I bought the set almost a month ago. Do my home spa every Sunday now and I love it. I have very sensitive skin and a lot of products just make me itchy, but these feel wonderful. I love the way my skin feels. And I know how to meditate now!

  • Julia Volkova

    This smells exactly like coffee and chocolate! The scent lasts a long time. Wish the shower gel came in larger bottle as I use it also as a handwash all the time. The stretching routine is also one of my favourites now in the morning. Nearly every day, even without the bath ritual.

  • Claudia Carson

    Saw this set in ads on Facebook and noticed “pranayama” word. Got my 
interest! )) Products, packaging, everything is great, but this bath + 
pranayama ritual is a cherry on the cake. Do this weekly and it makes me
feel sooo good. Thanks for my new healthy habit!

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About HomeSPA'logy

We at HomeSPA'logy are on a mission to provide you with the ultimate SPA experience in the comfort of your home. Our all natural bath bombs, soap bars and other bath products are made of organically grown herbs and handcrafted in Latvia. But these are not just bath sets, it's a philosophy of self-care. Carefully selected products are paired with a dedicated mindfulness ritual to sooth your body, mind and soul.

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